Product update: AdAsia Holdings launches Slider Out-stream, driving enhanced visibility


Viewability is key for advertisers and publishers to earn more revenue and spread their message. This is why we have just upgraded our out-stream ad widgets and added a new feature: Slider Out-stream.

This feature displays videos on the bottom-right of the screen as users scroll down, allowing for great visibility. These mean that user experience is not compromised, and the feature is also proven to be able to help meet online marketers’ KPIs. Also, users have the freedom to close the video at any time – giving them full control of their screen space and providing users with an uninterrupted browsing experience.

Its biggest advantage is the increased visibility, leading to a potentially longer viewing duration and increased completed views. Moreover, the Slider Out-stream only begins playing when your content is 50% in-view.

Built for both desktop and mobile devices, the Slider Out-stream ad format can be bought through the AdAsia Premium Marketplace, a transparent and safe environment for advertisers and publishers.

From the Slider Out-stream ad format, we’re recording an average viewability of 65-70%, providing your video content and campaigns with increased user impact.

At AdAsia Holdings, a company under AnyMind Group, we are always looking to grow and optimize our product and service offering, and most importantly, our clients’ goals, for success.

Check out Slider Out-stream in action on desktop and mobile. To see the full product offerings of the AdAsia Premium Marketplace, click here.

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