Advertising Spotlight: Out-stream Video Ads


A trending topic in the spotlight this time around, out-stream video ads take center stage as the hottest formats of video ads today. In this article we will aim to pinpoint the proposed benefits and monetization strategies associated with these types of video ads.

Out-stream video ads, or video ads that reside outside of video players, refer to a fairly trending category of digital video advertising that is widely recognized as less disruptive and more engaging for the viewer and/or target audience.

Out-stream video ads are designed to appear in a more “native” way and flow together naturally with the webpage’s pre-existing content. In this context, the proposed gain or benefits for advertisers is that the viewability and engagement rate is forecasted to be considerably higher in comparison with their notoriously interfering counterpart in-stream video ads (e.g. pre-, mid-, and post-roll video ads).

Leveraging on the pros of out-stream video ads and according to various research, monetization and conversion rate from targeted consumers is proposed to be higher in comparison to campaigns run with in-stream video ads.

On top of this, because out-stream video ads are considered to be less disruptive to user experience, brand recognition and image as perceived by consumers is generally seen in a more positive light as well.

Driving innovation

Advertisers, as well as publishers can benefit from the use of out-stream video ads in several ways, and the popularity of this format of video ads has been experiencing a rise in popularity and usage in recent times. At AdAsia Holdings, we also embrace and acknowledge the broad usage and popularity of out-stream video ads and are geared towards continually improving and innovating ways to reach your target audiences, whilst aligning with industry trends and user-friendliness. Our range of video advertising solutions are a great example of our commitment to staying on top of current video ad trends in the industry.

Reach out today and experience how our out-stream video advertising solutions can elevate your campaigns to the next level and increase consumer awareness. Find out more about all our solution offerings here.

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