Advertising Spotlight: Programmatic: transparency, fraud, viewability and brand safety


We’re taking a look this time around at programmatic advertising, with the aim to increase knowledge and awareness about this ever-developing tool for digital advertising.

According to multiple sources and reports, digital is fast becoming the predominant channel for ad spend in Asia – largely driven through programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising entails all realms of advertising in the online world (including digital out-of-home, film, and even print), associated with the machine-led automation process of bidding and purchasing advertising space through various buy-side platforms.

AdAsia Holdings programmatic brand safety, transparency and ad fraud

The goal of this systematic approach is to relieve pressure on the traditional ad purchase process, and control purchases in a quick and efficient manner, while at the same time ensuring that the advertiser’s ads are being placed on platforms aimed at the predetermined target audience.

In recent times, there have been increased concerns and scrutiny around transparency, fraud, viewability and brand safety – and how marketers can gain full insight into their advertising spend on brand-safe, fraud-free and viewable (ads that are actually seen by users, instead of loading out of view of the user) online advertising spaces.

At AdAsia Holdings, we’re always looking to push the boundaries of solution transparency, providing a brand-safe, fraud-free environment with a focus on viewable ads.

Through the AdAsia Premium Marketplace, advertisers can leverage on our partnership with adloox as a 3rd-party referee to their advertising spend, and ensuring their ads were actually seen by real humans. Our local Publisher Engagement teams across Asia ensure your ads are served on high-quality advertising inventory on top publishers in Asia.

On the other hand, the AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers provides online media owners with programmatic demand across the largest DSPs, ad exchanges and ad networks, along with a host of machine learning-driven functions that help publishers maximize their revenue from online advertisements. With the integration of adloox, online media owners can track and minimize invalid traffic (non-human traffic and accidental clicks) and inventory viewability.

You can find out more about our programmatic solution offerings by clicking here.

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