Digital advertising spotlight: Vertical videos for mobile devices


We’re launching a new series: a look into different trends, ad formats and customer engagement methods through online advertising.

In this ever-changing industry, digital marketers are always trying to come up with new and innovative approaches to traditional or run-of-the-mill methods.

We’re experiencing a wave of demand for video advertising – telling brand stories in an engaging manner. In Asia, we’re also now beginning to see the benefits of new or alternative ad formats for mobile devices such as ‘vertical video’.

Vertical video utilizes the full screen of a user’s device, therefore the size of the ad and viewability can be greatly increased in comparison to traditional horizontal video ads.

We’re also seeing social media platforms introducing video ad formats into their ‘Stories’ portion of the platform, and advertisers now have access to this advertising space too.

New developments such as these aim to attract advertisers interested in exploring new avenues of marketing, optimized for mobile devices.

We’re always at the front seat of innovation here at AdAsia Holdings. Our Parallax solution was launched in December 2016, empowering advertisers with a great way to get their brand or product noticed. The Parallax video format achieves an average viewability rate of 50-70%, empowering you to tell your brand story through an engaging and user-friendly ad format.

To check out the full range of innovative video solutions, and capabilities of the AdAsia Premium Marketplace, click here.

Alternatively, reach out today to understand what video advertising can bring to your brand.

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