Next-Generation TV Ads

Nearly anywhere or on any device, viewers can access quality content.
AdAsia helps our clients reach these viewers with one platform.
No matter how you’re reaching viewers, we simplify device fragmentation and assemble all of the moving pieces of your Advanced TV campaign for seamless delivery. 

Bring your omni-channel video campaigns to the big screen all while managing multiple screens and reaching viewers flawlessly. All it takes is a simplified solution to combine everything on one platform.


Within the AdAsia Digital Platform, access a selection of 100% uninterrupted Advanced TV inventory. Target devices include:

Partnerships with industry leaders allow us to offer our clients a robust inventory of premium content.


AdAsia’s partnerships with leading measurement agencies allow you to keep track of the things you care about most when it comes to Advanced TV, such as Gross Rating Points, on-target percentage and much more.

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