AnyDigital and AnyManager

AnyDigital and AnyManager are one-stop solutions for marketers, advertisers and publishers.

Monitor and manage multiple customer touchpoints through transparent, real-time reporting.

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For Advertisers

AnyDigital integrates the best solutions from across the advertising technology stack: real-time buying tools, social targeting, as well as data and ad verification partners.


Together our targeting and technology increase control over media delivery, enabling you to reach high-end consumers at the right point in time.


We translate both online and offline data into actionable insights for programmatic media buying.

Scale and simplicity

Working with a single partner allows you to increase your scale easily and efficiently. Leverage on our vast ad inventory, multiple ad exchanges and machine learning to power your omnichannel media buying efforts.


We take transparent and real-time reporting to the next level. We combine omnichannel efforts with deep learning insights and display it on an easily understandable dashboard.

For Publishers

Open up your inventory to Private Marketplace(PMP), Programmatic Direct and Open Auction deals through AnyManager.

Exclusive Deal

“Exclusive Deal” enables programmatic guaranteed deals from our own premium bidders, bringing the best eCPM rates.

Holistic Yield Management

We'll help you analyse, monitor, and optimize your ad spaces, enabling you to achieve maximum returns.

Scale and simplicity

We bring multiple demand sources through a single tag.


We have a wide range of formats across display, native and video, that fits your user interface without diminishing user experience. Register Now!

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