AdAsia Digital Platform

AdAsia Digital Platform is the one-stop solution for marketers, advertisers and publishers.
This innovative platform brings the best of modern marketing onto a single dashboard

Track your entire marketing spend through transparent reporting.

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For Advertisers

・AdAsia Digital Platform integrates the best solutions from across the advertising technology stack: real-time buying tools, social targeting, as well as data and ad verification partners.


Our sophisticated algorithms optimize campaigns based on the incredible amount of data we collect every second of every day.


Together our targeting and technology increase our control over media delivery, which means we can reach high-end consumers at the right point in time.


We translate both online and offline consumer information into formats usable for programmatic media buying.

Scale and simplicity

Working with a single partner allows you to increase your scale easily and efficiently. We have our own premium inventory in each country in Asia and some of the publishers work with us exclusively.

Multiple Ad formats

Our display, native and video solutions for desktop and mobile devices ensure you have a wide range of ways to engage your audience.

For Publishers

・We currently have more than 3,000 advertising campaigns in globally which buy advertising space by Private Marketplace(PMP), Programmatic Direct and Open Auction though AdAsia Digital Platform.

Direct Ads(Exclusive Deal).

“Exclusive Deal” is a private deal from our own premium bidders, bringing the highest eCPM rates.


We specialise in analysis, monitoring, and optimizing your ad spaces to help you achieve greater returns. We have a wide range of formats that fit your user interface without diminishing user experience.

Scale and simplicity

We bring multiple demand sources through a single tag.

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