Innovation for Marketing

AdAsia Holdings continuously innovates, with a strong focus on localization. The company aims to lead the growing advertising industry in countries across Asia.

AdAsia is proud to offer AI-driven integrated platforms for marketers, advertisers and publishers. Our products reflect our overarching goal to shape modern marketing.

AdAsia Digital Platform

Monitor and manage multiple customer touchpoints through transparent, real-time insights.

AdAsia Display Marketplace

Place your display & native advertising with Asia's premium publishers, on desktop & mobile.

AdAsia Video Marketplace

AdAsia enhances your video advertising efforts with innovative video ad formats.

AdAsia Video Production

Videos engineered to fuel your brand's story.

CastingAsia, An Influencer Marketing Platform

AI-driven influencer marketing at your fingertips.

AdAsia Digital Discovery

Equipping marketers and advertisers with the ability to navigate modern marketing

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