Innovation for Marketing

AdAsia is continuously developing new innovations in Asia, with a strong focus on localisation.
The company aims to lead the growing advertising market in countries across Asia.

AdAsia is proud to offer a self-service, easy-to-use, integrated platform for marketers, advertisers and publishers.
Our product offering is a reflection of our industry-leading strategy to shape modern marketing.

AdAsia Digital Platform

AdAsia's flagship product, the AdAsia Digital Platform,
brings streamlined management, execution and reporting through a single dashboard.

AdAsia Ad Network

AdAsia brings you the best online properties for your picking.
Purchase ads across our vast inventory of publishers, for your display, mobile web and in-app advertising needs

AdAsia Video Network

AdAsia provides a streamlined video marketing experience, from video production to video ad placement.

AdAsia Video Production

Create videos that resound well with your audiences.

CastingAsia, An Influencer Marketing Platform

Bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammer’s comments are very effective and your potential customers might purchase your product based on that.

Next-Generation TV Ads

Nearly anywhere or on any device, viewers can access quality content.

Global Marketing

Expand your marketing efforts internationally.

Social Media

Social media is crucial for any business today.
Leverage on our social media innovations to enhance your efforts.

Reach out today for a demo of AdAsia,
or to discuss custom strategies and solutions for your campaigns.