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AdAsia Holdings is a fast-growing multi-national company headquartered in Singapore. The company's brand of easy-to-use solutions ensure marketers, advertisers and publishers can swiftly adopt modern technologies.

AdAsia's flagship product, the AdAsia Digital Platform, integrates programmatic buying and management across desktop and mobile, on the AdAsia Ad Network, AdAsia Video Network and other ad exchanges. The platform also offers influencer marketing execution and video production, all trackable through a transparent reporting system.

AdAsia also offers publishers means to optimise yield for their online properties on desktop and mobile, directing multiple advertising demand sources from the major ad exchanges.

AdAsia Digital Platform

AdAsia Holdings addresses all the needs of modern advertisers, marketers and publishers through a single platform. All solutions are localised to fit the diverse Asian region, providing a fully transparent platform that extends across the marketing mix.

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