#TeamAdAsia: Pratan Thinsomchaisin (Executive, Human Resources)


Harmony in the workplace can make all the difference in the world. Special individuals, like Pratan here, make it all happen. #TeamAdAsia investigates:

Pratan AdAsia Holdings

Hey everyone, my name is Pratan. Unlike many Thai people, I don’t have a nickname. That said, my mum calls me Tantan and my girlfriend calls me Boo-Boo (I don’t have a girlfriend). I’m Bangkok born and raised, and am half-Taiwanese on my mum’s side. I speak fluent English, Mandarin, and Thai. Super talented huh?

Continuing on this multi-talented thread, I actually studied architectural design in university, but have since dabbled in sales, admin and media planning roles before finally getting into HR, with a focus on employee engagement. This is actually quite similar to how I approached life as a young boy. I didn’t really have any grand childhood dreams, I just focused on the present moment and tried out anything that interested me. No regrets.

It’s taken me a little while to find something that I enjoy doing, and I’m not done exploring just yet. I can safely say though, that I’m in a very rewarding role right now. You see, unlike most other positions, my role has no daily to-do list or strict rules to adhere to. It’s a flexible role that requires creative thinking, innovation, lots of enthusiasm, and most importantly, the willingness to help people and to make and keep them happy.

Needless to say, strong interpersonal skills are a must. Keeping an open mind and having lots of perseverance are underrated aspects as well. After all, to make people happy, you have to be happy yourself! Maintaining a positive mindset in this ever-changing startup environment can be tough, but it’s necessary!

Pratan AdAsia Holdings 2

I consider myself to be pretty lucky. Many people, myself included, don’t have a definite career path mapped out when they initially join the workforce. There really aren’t many companies out there that give employees so many opportunities to try out different roles. I’m glad I found that here, and it’s a system that I think can really help people to find where their expertise and passions really are. That makes a difference to your whole life, not just your job! All that’s required of you is a positive mindset and a never-say-die attitude. Anything is possible from there. ??

Away from the office, I think my interests are based on the same desire to find out about or try new and interesting things. For example, I like sports and travelling with friends, but my favourite solo activity is watching old movies. I feel like filmmakers really placed their heart into their craft back then, and you can really learn a lot from movies, especially from old biographies and dramas. Allowing you to see things from someone else’s perspective, finding out their motivations and the why’s and how’s of their life… it’s all very enlightening. It helps me to improve myself as well, I think, broadening my horizons and helping me possibly understand people better.

Looking ahead for myself, I may not have something concrete in mind just yet, but one thing I know for sure: I want to experience something revolutionary. I never aim for anything ordinary. I’m ready to push the boundaries of the norm.

I mean, compare the lives of people 20 years ago to today. So much has changed, and technology has played such a big role, improving not just people’s way of life, but their perceptions of the world as well. I firmly believe that tech will continue to play a big role in improving people’s lives, and I want to be someone who contributes to, or brings about that positive change. What we’re doing at AdAsia Holdings is not ordinary. I’ve never seen a startup before that has grown and evolved so quickly as this company, and I’m really glad to play a part in it.

On that serious (and very inspirational) note, I thank you for your time. And if you join us, you’ll get to know me in no time at all. I guarantee it! ?

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