AdAsia Holdings: Delivering better advertising experiences for online users


We’re living in a world of intrusive online advertisements that diminish the user’s online browsing experience, and this is leading to a rise in ad blocking – affecting both advertisers who want to provide effective advertising to users, and reducing the ability of online publishers to provide free content and news. At the same time, ad blocking is now essentially seen as a movement from consumers to express their dissatisfaction with the current broken online experience.

With this context, a group of advertisers, media suppliers and online media owners formed an initiative called the Coalition for Better Ads, and released voluntary advertising standards to fight the continued rise of ad-blocking.

The Coalition for Better Ads brings together major brands, media companies, agencies and industry bodies to achieve the objective of improving customers’ online experiences, and develop global standards for online advertising that addresses consumer expectations.

The Better Ads Standards for desktop web and mobile web, is based on comprehensive research involving more than 66,000 consumers. The coalition announced in January 2019 that its research supports the adoption of the same standards worldwide for desktop and mobile web.

The coalition’s research identifies the ad experiences that rank lowest across a range of user experience factors, and that are most highly correlated with an increased propensity for consumers to adopt ad blockers. These results define Better Ads Standards that identify the ad experiences that fall beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability. Four types of desktop web ads (six tested ad experiences) and eight types of mobile web ads (twelve tested ad experiences) fell beneath this threshold.



At AdAsia Holdings, we are also committed to driving great online user experiences, and raise the general standard of advertising in Asia – and this is reflected on our key ad formats that are compliant with the Better Ads Standard – bringing a better experience for consumers as well as better advertising performance for our clients & partners without compensating on driving innovative advertising for the industry.


Slider comprises of all the features of our out-stream video format, with the addition of the video advertisement minimizing to the bottom right of the page, post user-scroll.

The Slider will not take up more than 30% of the screen’s real estate—it’ll not prevent users from viewing the main page content.

Another key ad format from AdAsia Holdings, that is undeniably catching user attention whilst also not being disruptive is the Spin Cube ad format.

Spin Cube

A multi-sided ad format displaying up to six pieces of content or action options. Again, it is very catchy but size-wise, It will not take up more than 30% of the vertical height in the main content of the page.

Users are also able to just scroll past content – allowing advertisers to only engage users who are interested in the content.


Similar to normal in-article display ads, but with a slideshow feature which can be served through programmatic or manually.

Users have the option to continue scrolling to get back to the main content, and is not of a disruptive size.

That’s not all! We also have a range of display and video advertising formats that are compliant with the Better Ads Standards – you can check out the full list here. AdAsia Holdings continues its commitment to deliver innovative and high-performance advertisements whilst maintaining a pleasant user experience.

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