Advertising spotlight: The age of portable screens


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We’re living in the age of screens. We’re using screens to work, to communicate, to play, and to make transactions. Screens are in front of us before we sleep at night, they’re one of the first things we look at when we wake up.

These screens have even permeated our pockets. Something we can bring along with us all day. Take a random pick of any group of strangers today, and there is a high chance all of them own at least a screen.

What goes on in those portable screens are another thing. They’ve become our gateway into endless amounts of information. These endless amounts of information come in the form of search results, e-books, videos, games, messages, ads and more.

How can an advertiser help their brand stand out against all the information a person sees each day?

Wealth of options for marketers

AdAsia mobile advertising

It’s been more than a year since mobile become the world’s second largest advertising medium, and it shows no signs of slowing down. If you’re not already advertising on mobile, you should.

Apart from the content aspect of mobile advertising, it’s important to think about how your ads are being delivered, seen and received.

It’s impossible to know what the user is doing when they’re looking at their mobile screens. They can be in the toilet, waiting for a bus (and thus, easily distracted from the screen), having lunch, or anything else that humans do these days. However, what we can understand is the kind of mindset the user is in when on their mobile device. Reaching the user within the right context, at the right time, and with the right message, is now actually a thing.

Another thing to take note of: the format in which your ad is being seen by the user. Gone are the days where creatives were limited to certain size specifications. There are a plethora of choices for creatives today, including ones which can potentially enhance a user’s site experience.

Of course, having the right tech vendors is key to a successful advertising campaign. Look for those who emphasize the value of transparency (you want your money spent on ads, not product costs), fraud-free inventory (you don’t want your ads seen by robots), brand safety (your ads shouldn’t be on inflammatory content towards your brand), and viewability (you want to make sure your ads actually appear on the user’s screen, or come into view of the user).

With these tips, you’re definitely a few steps closer to success in mobile advertising.

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