Advertising Spotlight: Omnichannel Marketing


Marketing covers a wide range and scope of strategies, campaign objectives, and design schemes and formats – however the underlying dilemmas that are consistently faced are how to convert more customers and increase sales. This time around, we take a closer look at how to make multichannel marketing work more effectively for you.

Omnichannel marketing is defined as any type of marketing or advertising crossing a multitude of areas such as traditional advertising formats in the form of television, newspaper, radio, etc and also extending into forms of digital marketing such as email, online and mobile marketing. Finding the right balance and mix of these channels to get your brand or image noticed in the broadest light is the key goal for success. However, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for omnichannel marketing.

advertising spotlight: omnichannel marketing

Oftentimes, the simple things matter. Key strategy determinants include the type of industry you’re in: B2C or B2B, along with the types of products you’re selling. How do you tell a story cohesively about your brand or product across all the other messages that consumers are receiving each day?

The premise of omnichannel is promising – having a united customer experience across multiple points of contact with your brand or product. Take for example, having the ability to raise product awareness through influencer marketing targeted at a specific audience, and layering that with display and video advertising at that same audience – funneling and optimizing spend towards the audience group that is most likely to convert.

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