Advertising Spotlight: Blockchain


Blockchain is a very intriguing topic when it comes to how it can be implemented into the advertising technology stack. When discussing payment transparency and low-cost payment transactions, blockchain technology could be a saving grace for frustrating and cumbersome payment processes being utilized nowadays.

Before diving in any further, let’s define exactly what blockchain is. Blockchain – in the sense of financial markets – is the basis for the technology of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are many innovative uses for blockchain and it can be used to streamline payments in a worry-free and efficient manner. The transactions are recorded by pre-defined rules and validated and governed by a network of participants. The network can be public like Bitcoin or private with only certain participants.

Tying this technology together with the advertising industry is where it becomes really interesting. Thanks to the superior visibility and fraud-proof nature of the blockchain ledger system, transactions for advertising spend can be safely verified and completed. In addition to this extraordinary benefit, blockchain also has the added feature of being able to verify that every user is 100 percent genuine – getting rid of fake traffic, bots and non-genuine clicks. This essentially translates into website owners being charged only for 100 percent organic, verified click throughs to their site.

At AdAsia Holdings, although not (possibly yet) utilizing blockchain, we’re all about backing the latest technologies that guarantee the utmost transparency and safety for our clients and end-users. Our strategic partnership with solutions such as adloox in Asia is just another one of the many examples of our commitment and dedication to preventing ad-fraud and increasing transparency. Contact us today to learn how our solutions can ensure safety and peace-of-mind for your brand.

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