AdAsia Holdings festive PMP packages for Asia


At AdAsia Holdings, we’re heading into the festive season, and thought: “Why not provide our clients with access to special PMP packages, just to bring in the new year.”

AdAsia Premium Marketplace PMP festive packages

For this month, we have very festive display and video PMP packages waiting for you!

Covering seven Asian markets, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, we’re looking to sweeten your holiday shopping season, including Singles Day, Black Friday and Christmas.

These exclusive, high-outcome-based packages are waiting for you today, including:

  • High CTR display package for getting those display ads clicked on
  • High viewability + Contextual-curated video package

Check out the festive packages on offer here, or contact to get your festive package by AdAsia Holdings today!

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