#TeamAdAsia: Eduard Feliu Baena (Engineering)


#TeamAdAsia wishes one and all a happy new year! We start 2018 with a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, to talk with Eduard. Hailing from Spain, he’s a key part of our Engineering team. Read on to find out how he found his way to Vietnam, his childhood dreams, and the unfortunate lack of skiing opportunities:

Eduard AdAsia Holdings

Good morning everyone! My name is Eduard, and I’m 26 this year. I come from a small town called Girona, which lies in between the south border of France and Barcelona (Spain). I’ve been in Vietnam since February 2016, initially here as a freelancer working with some Spanish clients. I decided to join AdAsia Holdings as I much prefer working in groups (I’m a team player!), and the company’s vision was attractive as well.

To provide some background to my work, I was part of an AI research group which focused on the healthcare domain. My biggest contribution was building a recommendation engine for deciding the best combination of drug doses to administer to patients with high cholesterol.

Guardiola, Messi… Baena?

As for my childhood… well, what do you think a young boy growing up so near Barcelona dreams of being? Unfortunately, reality was quick to give me a wake-up slap; I was a terrible footballer! No 90th-minute Champions League winning goals at the Nou Camp for me, no siree.

My current aspiration might not be as heart-thumpingly exciting as the beautiful game but it can make as much, if not more, of a difference in people’s lives. I aspire to be an AI researcher, building software that is able to help people live better lives. On the personal front, as someone living far away from his homeland, I wish to continue expanding my horizons and get to experience other cultures.

Constantly sharpening the cutting edge

When I first joined, my role was in developing and improving CastingAsia, our influencer marketing platform. But with the team growing and consolidating so quickly, I now have the opportunity to focus more on technological innovation and AI. These are important building blocks for the products we go to our clients with: effective technological innovation helps us to build better products at the highest quality. As for AI, among other solutions, we are constantly developing use cases such as post-campaign analysis for CastingAsia, to provide automated campaign insights. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

Of course, working at the forefront of the technology world, it’s important to keep an open and nimble mind. Things are always changing and improving, and you have to always be on your toes for the next big breakthrough. Eagerness to learn is key.

Thankfully, the environment in AdAsia is perfect for maintaining this mindset! I learn new things every day, and the multicultural team means that I’m always surrounded by cultural learning opportunities all the time. I mean, we’re in nine countries. There’s no way to NOT learn about other cultures!

No skiing ?

There is one downside to working in Vietnam though: I can’t really go skiing! I’m a big fan of skiing and snowboarding, as it gives me the opportunity to really get in touch with nature. The freedom that the natural world can provide is refreshingly one-of-a-kind. As you would’ve probably guessed by now, travelling also ranks high on my list, and on the less adventurous side of things, I’m a big fan of sci-fi novels.

Anyway, that’s about it from me! I look forward to further growing my AI knowledge and building and improving our technology solutions. I also want to find time to learn more Vietnamese, so I can integrate better into this beautiful country I currently call home.

Thanks for reading!

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