#TeamAdAsia: Misaki Sato (Amélie) (Manager, Publisher Engagement)


Born in Japan, living and working in Bangkok, able to speak French. Come join #TeamAdAsia as we speak to the cosmopolitan Misaki, also known as Amelie:

Misaki Amelie AdAsia Holdings

こんにちは!I’m Misaki Sato, but many people call me or know me as Amélie. I gave myself that nickname after watching and falling in love with the French movie Amélie – it’s a really lovely name!

New Cultures, New Experiences

My childhood dream was to work overseas. As I’m based in Bangkok, Thailand, it’s fair to say I’ve achieved that goal! But it’s not just about work: I’m always driven by wanting to see more and experience more. Living in another country, stepping into another culture and all of those experiences are the true treasure.

I’m glad to say that I get all of that (and more) in my role here in AdAsia Holdings! As a Manager in the Publisher Engagement team, I oversee operations across most of our markets in the region. I get to work with many people from different cultural backgrounds and walks of life. Très bien!

This has opened my eyes to many new things: I used to be in a similar role in another company, but it was only after joining AdAsia Holdings that I realized that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution across markets. What works in Japan could be totally irrelevant in Thailand, for example. It can be a challenge to find the right solutions for each country, but it’s definitely a very interesting problem to solve, and the company has been doing this really well!

Fast Growth and Micro-Influencer Dreams

I’ve been here for just over a year now, which may sound short, but when you’re in AdAsia Holdings, things move really quickly. For example, we had about 90 people in the company in April this year, and we’re up to 250 now! The growth here is rapid, which also means that I get to learn new things every day. There’s never a dull moment here ?

Away from work, I’m also making the most of my time working and living in a foreign country by cataloging my food adventures in Thailand on Instagram! In my free time, I like to look up local restaurants and check them out. I have a secondary life goal of becoming a famous Instagrammer of Thai food ?

Publisher Engagement Team’s Future

Looking ahead, much like the company, the Publisher Engagement team is growing by leaps and bounds, especially after the FourM acquisition. We have great team members who are always happy to provide our publisher partners with programmatic and RTB transition consultation, as well as site analysis and insights, and of course, the tech to drive their site monetization. It’s a big goal of mine to help every one of the team to be experts in the publisher (and sell-side) business, and to be the best team we can be!

Thank you so much for reading! またね〜

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