#TeamAdAsia: Febriyan Nelsya (Senior Executive, Publisher Engagement)


For this edition of #TeamAdAsia, we head to Jakarta to talk to Febriyan, who plays a very important role in our partnerships with some of the best publishers in Indonesia. Read on to find out his favourite book:

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Good day everyone! My name is Febriyan Nelsya, but you can call me Feb! I was born in West Sumatra in a small town called Bukittinggi. I studied Technology Management in university (University Utara Malaysia), and since graduation I’ve been working in the digital media industry at a couple of big Indonesian websites. I joined the AdAsia Holdings family in October 2016, and I’m really glad I did because the work environment and team atmosphere is very welcoming. I don’t use the word ‘family’ lightly!

Of course, it’s not just the atmosphere that I enjoy about this company. The work is right up my street too. Obviously, going by my major in university, I have lots of interest in all things tech and digital, and all that is woven into the fabric of AdAsia Holdings. Things are constantly moving, innovating and progressing here, and it’s a (very welcome!) challenge to keep sharpening my skillset to make sure I’m on top of my game.

The fact that this is a startup also helps! I’ve been an entrepreneur at heart since I was little, so having the opportunity to work in a startup really serves to provide daily inspiration and learning points. The management team is transparent to all staff, and I can learn from pretty much the fastest-growing technology company out there! I feel like I can learn a lot here to develop myself, both in my work and in my career as a whole.

Being in charge of all of the company’s Indonesian publisher partners, I work very closely with many external partners across Indonesia’s media landscape. There are a lot of meetings and presentations, and of course there’s a lot of coordination involved when working with the rest of the Publisher Engagement team, who are spread out across the whole region. It’s important to keep an active mind, and communication skills are absolutely key. The company believes in ensuring that publishers receive end-to-end solutions for them to monetize revenue, including the provision of programmatic and digital transition consultation, site layout and design analysis and of course, the technology to maximize their site yield.

It’s tough and engaging work, but not without its rewards. Besides the familial atmosphere of the ID office, I get the chance to also talk to and work with so many people from across Southeast Asia. It really opens my mind to new cultures and ways of doing things, and there’s always something new around the corner. It might be tough work sometimes but it’s never boring!

Remember how I said keeping an active mind is important? This extends to outside of work as well. I like to read motivational books and biographies of successful people. My favourite is Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. These kinds of books always inspire me and give me that positive energy to go and learn or do something new!

All in all, working in AdAsia provides the perfect fuel to how I want to live my life. This job gives me the opportunity to grow as a leader, and provides me with the experience and energy to pursue my personal dream of creating a small online business. It’s an environment that nurtures your passions and character, and I don’t think I can ask for anything more than that!

Febriyan AdAsia Holdings

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