#TeamAdAsia: Lidyawati Aurelia (Country Manager, Indonesia)


What does it take to be a Country Manager? In this week’s #TeamAdAsia, Lidya gives us a little glimpse into what it’s like to be in charge of a whole market, as well as what her biggest fear is:

AdAsia Holdings Lidya

Hello everyone, it’s Lidya here. I’m the Country Manager for Indonesia at AdAsia Holdings.

As you might expect, my role is quite a busy one. There are a lot of different priorities to juggle, and my time management and decision-making skills are being put to the test all the time. After all, the goal is a big one: to grow AdAsia to become one of the best and biggest technology companies in Indonesia for AI and advertising.

Destined for this Industry

It’s a welcome challenge though, because, in a way, I feel like it was my destiny to be in this industry. As a child, I wanted to be an air stewardess but my father quickly shot that idea down, fearing the possibility of airplane incidents. The next ambition was to work in the banking industry but that didn’t quite go anywhere either, ending at the interview stage. ? 

Nevertheless, when one door closes another one opens, as they say. One thing led to another and here I am now. So, in that way, you could say that the winds of fate led me to where I am today, and I think it’s worked out quite well so far!

Solid Foundations

I would say I’m in a really good place. I have supportive bosses and a local team that is like a second family to me, so I have as good a foundation in place as I could ask for.

They provide me with room and resources to keep improving and learning. As a country head, I feel that the key to unlocking the potential of my team is in my leadership and management. Every individual is unique, so that also means that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy towards leadership; it’s a never-ending journey of learning.

That’s life in a startup in a nutshell though, isn’t it! Everyone is always learning. In this fast-moving industry, I’ve always got to be on my toes to keep up to date with the latest innovations and trends, and learning to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset throughout it all is key too.

Fun fact: another thing I’m working on improving is overcoming my fear of public speaking! ?

Family and Relationships

Away from work, a new hobby I’ve picked up recently is coloring books (which they have for adults, in case you didn’t know). I also relax by watching movies with my husband or playing games. Family is really important to me, and I constantly work to strike a balance between my career and my personal life.

To end off, I’d like to thank my team for the hard work they put in; the company, as well as myself, have very large ambitions and none of this growth would be possible without the dedication and effort they put in, day in and day out. A leader is only as good as the team they have, and I am surrounded by amazing people.

Thank you! ?

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