#TeamAdAsia: Sasin Soonthronpusit (Senior Executive, Advertiser Sales)


In case you missed the first one, welcome to our new #TeamAdAsia series – profiling the interesting people that make up AdAsia Holdings. Today we have Sasin Soonthronpusit, Senior Executive in the Advertiser Sales team and part-time DJ.

Sasin AdAsia Holdings 4

Hi everyone. I’m Sasin, 26 years old, from Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve been with AdAsia Holdings for almost a year now. After finishing my Master’s in Marketing Communications in the UK, I came back to Thailand and joined AdAsia Holdings on my friend Pratan’s recommendation.

Flexible Roles

I joined AdAsia Holdings as Business Development Executive, Advertiser Sales, and moved to the CastingAsia team for a while, then back to advertiser sales. I really like that the company allows us to move to different departments if our skills and knowledge fit a particular project or department.

“You know what’s even more special about working at AdAsia Holdings? It’s not just that we get the opportunity to sharpen our skills; it’s an environment of constant learning and innovation.”

Daft Punk

Everyone here encourages each other to continuously drive results and grow even further professionally and personally. Having the opportunity to work in such an environment is a real privilege, as it really aligns with my personal aspirations: to keep learning new things, to keep improving myself all-round, then being able to pass on my knowledge to my juniors. The Daft Punk classic, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger might as well be my personal anthem.

MC Sasin

Speaking of Daft Punk, I do some DJ-ing as a hobby. In many ways, the skills involved in that play a part in my work, and vice versa. I love meeting new people, so that’s something the two activities have in common. More importantly, communication skills are so invaluable for both, because you’re not just trying to play your tunes/sell your product; you’re also always aiming to help your audience/clients get what they want, whether it’s an enjoyable night or to reach their marketing goals.

It’s all about givin’ the people what they want! And here at AdAsia Holdings, that’s what we specialize in 😉

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