Display and Video Marketplace

The Display and Video Marketplace brings you extensive, highly viewable, localized and innovative online advertisement formats. Through the Display and Video Marketplace, advertisers and publishers can leverage on innovations including advanced site optimization and dynamic contextual curation to drive better advertising outcomes.

Supercharge your brand's storytelling abilities through curated and high impact ad inventory.

We believe that relevant and engaging advertising makes a lasting connection with users, empowering value creation for brands and helping publishers get better economic value.

We also want to empower this growth for both advertisers and publishers through the Display and Video Marketplace.


Publishers across Asia have access to AnyMind's local Publisher Engagement teams and consultants, providing advice on how to better optimize their site, additional monetization opportunities and more.

We have built a highly curated marketplace with top local publishers, driving a truly Pan-Asian reach. At the same time, we have powered more than 500 top global, APAC and local brands through the Display and Video Marketplace.

Innovative and user-friendly ad formats

Highly-customized ad formats provide users with an advertising experience that is unobtrusive - empowering marketers to reach KPIs and outcomes, whilst providing publishers with greater monetization opportunities whilst maintaining or even enhancing usability.

Ad formats in the Display and Video Marketplace comply with Better Ads Standards, providing advertisers access to first look display inventory at scale.


The Display and Video Marketplace is connected to publishers across all IAB-listed verticals, providing granular categorization across publisher placements. At the same time, multi-channel reach capabilities provide advertisers with greater value.

Quality and safety

Leverage on the ad formats and inventory that prioritize viewability, based on standards by MRC accredited partners including IAS and adloox, assuring your ads are being seen by audiences that matter.

Transparency is key to our activities, and publishers within the Display and Video Marketplace are on-boarded and monitored through verification tools including Adloox and Fraudlogix, along with Ads.txt implementation on our publisher partners.

Viewable curated premium inventory

Choose from outcome based packages, including deals optimized towards viewability, completed view rates, first look inventory and click-through rates. Our publishers are carefully picked through localized Publisher Engagement teams, providing greater scale.

The Display and Video Marketplace ensures you reach all your needs

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