DataFuture Bangkok set for debut in Thailand


AdAsia Holdings, an AnyMind Group company, together with Arm Treasure Data, has launched DataFuture Bangkok in Thailand. Centered around the rising use of customer data platforms (CDPs), The half-day event on 21 June 2019 will cast a spotlight on how marketers can and should manage their data.

About the event

With a range of data management solutions readily available to marketers, DataFuture Bangkok explores the different types of data platforms available to marketers today, whilst providing actionable insights on how marketers can leverage on today’s diverse availability of rich data sources, and what marketers can do to prepare for the realization of the “single source of truth”.

Additionally, attendees will glean insights into the implementation of CDPs in the enterprise, with speakers from BSS Holdings, a subsidiary of VGI Global Media, a BTS Group Holdings company – the preeminent mass-transit services provider in Thailand, along with Tri Petch Isuzu, a motor vehicle supplier.

Time Session title Session details
15:00 hrs Opening remarks by Otohiko Kozutsumi, COO and co-founder, AnyMind Group Opening remarks
15:10 hrs Building the first truly unified omni-channel marketing platform in Thailand and SEA by Kamlarp Satchavarodom, Data Monetization Director – BSS Holdings Co Ltd Thailand is emerging as one of the fastest growing digital markets in APAC with consumers seamlessly consuming digital content as well as conducting retail, travel and other transactions across a whole range of digital touch points. This presents a unique opportunity for savvy marketers to unlock the value from rich consumer behavior insights. Learn how BSSH is at the cusp of bringing this exciting opportunity for brands in Thailand and is leveraging the cutting-edge CDP platform technologies from TD in conjunction with proprietary tools, algorithms and insights.
15:30 hrs Marketing in a world of crazy data by Vivek Misra, Director, Strategic Initiatives – AnyMind Group Data is now a business commodity, allowing for more accurate decision making, guided business action, and informed planning and strategy. Similarly, marketers today have more access to data than ever before, and this has become a key pillar to marketing in the digital age. This session dives into the types of available data to marketers today, and how this can be utilized to drive present-day marketing, along with a look at how the role of marketing will change in the future, and what are the skills needed for marketers to stay competitive in the future.
15:50 hrs Differences between a CDP/DMP/DataWarehouse/CRM by Kengo Horiuchi, Director, Marketing – Arm Treasure Data Differences between a CDP/DMP/DataWarehouse/CRM
16:10 hrs Break Break
16:30 hrs Data-Driven Marketing in Mobility Business of Thailand by Haruku Ishikawa, Digital Marketing and IT lead, Tri Petch Isuzu & Taketo Yoshida, Senior Software Engineer, Tri Petch Isuzu We has been working on Data-Driven marketing since we introduced Treasure Data eCDP in 2018. It’s important to utilize not only online data but also offline data in mobility business. In this talk, we are going to explain how to introduce Treasure data eCDP and how we utilize it along with other services such as LINE Business Connect.
17:00 hrs Panel discussion Panellists:

  • Vivek Misra, Director, Strategic Initiatives, AnyMind Group
  • Kamlarp Satchavarodom, Director, Data Monetization, BSS Holdings Co Ltd
  • Haruku Ishikawam, Lead, Digital Marketing and IT, Tri Petch Isuzu
  • Taketo Yoshida, Senior Software Engineer, Tri Petch Isuzu
  • Kengo Horiuchi, Director, Marketing, Arm Treasure Data
17:30 hrs Networking Networking

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