Press Release: AdAsia Holdings launches AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers


Integrated offerings leverage AI to maximize publisher returns through display, native and video demand

AdAsia Holdings, a technology company developing solutions in artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing, has announced today the launch of the AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers, an integrated yield management platform that opens online media owners to multiple revenue streams.

Following the acquisition of FourM in early October, AdAsia Holdings has completed the integration of artificial intelligence functionality to the companies’ merged offerings. AdAsia Holdings will begin rolling out the consolidated platform to the company’s publisher partners across Asia.

The AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers provides owners of online properties with revenue streams from various advertising networks and supply-side platforms (SSPs), through an easy-to-use, unified management dashboard. The integrated platform also allows for private marketplace and real-time bidding (RTB) deals, along with machine-learning-driven features that include dynamic floor price optimization and dynamic ad allocation.

The AdAsia Ad Network and AdAsia Video Network have also been integrated with the AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers, providing online media owners with display, native and video demand sources through a single platform.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AdAsia Holdings said: “This is an essential step in our bid to enable advertisers, marketers, and now publishers, to leverage on intelligent tools. Our Publisher Engagement team across Asia are poised to provide our publisher partners with the guidance needed for this development – providing an end-to-end solution for online asset monetization.”

The Publisher Engagement team consists of specialized consultants sitting in the company’s 10 offices in Asia, providing publishers with programmatic and RTB transition consultation, along with site set-up analysis and insights.

AdAsia Holdings’ flagship product developed for advertisers, the AdAsia Digital Platform, will be renamed as the AdAsia Digital Platform for Advertisers.

AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers (Dashboard)

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