Kosuke Sogo
CEO & Co-founder

Born in Kagawa. After graduating from Nihon University College of Commerce in 2010, he joined the MicroAd Corporation. In his third year at MicroAd headquarters he became No.1 in sales and started the local subsidiary MicroAd Vietnam Joint Stock Company as CEO and Founder. About three years later, as the CEO and Director of MicroAd in six countries he also contributed to the startup and growth of business in the Southeast Asian countries of Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Otohiko Kozutsumi
COO & Co-founder

Born in Chiba. After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Policy Management in 2007, he worked in business development and web marketing for several companies. From 2009 he managed the startup of the smart phone ad network and took part in the planning at Nobot Inc. He has been involved in the company’s business and overseas expansion and also contributed to the merger and acquisition (M&A) of Mediba Inc. Following that he was also involved in the execution of overseas strategy in Singapore and Vietnam. From December 2013 he took part in the planning of MicroAd Vietnam and as Chief Operating Officer has contributed to the growth of business in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Shuhei 'Shu' Yamamura

Born in Yokohama, Japan. After graduating from Chuo University Faculty of Economics in 1999, his career began with sales promotion field working for Wacoal Corporation. In 2004 he joined Recruit Corporation, strongly inspired by the huge potential of internet advertisement. Since 2007, he has produced Ad-tech services focusing on display advertisement in several companies. Prior to joining AdAsia, he was the CPO of Scigineer, Softbank's digital marketing company in Tokyo. He was in charge of product marketing including Dynamic creative and Audience targeting. Also, he was engaged in business development throughout the Southeast Asian region.

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