AnyMind Group, digital marketing offerings.


AnyMind Group provides marketing solutions to advertisers and publishers, including AnyDigital and AnyManager.

With a presence in over 13 markets in Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, India and UAE, AnyMind provides advertisers and publishers with local expertise, solutions and technology for the diverse Asian region.

Advertisers can leverage on AnyDigital, allowing for transparent and easy management, activation and insights into digital advertising activities. Advertisers can access omnichannel marketing solutions including display, video, rich media and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising through the AnyDigital. This is supplemented by a professional services team to help advertisers unlock the full potential of their business.

The Video and Display Marketplace is a high-quality advertising marketplace that leverages on viewable inventory and contextual data to empower marketers and agencies to achieve their advertising and business objectives.

AnyManager empowers online publishers to unlock their revenue potential by activating, managing and tracking their revenue opportunities, providing users with full control and transparency over their online site's monetization.

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